Newsletter September 2023

The board of the pension fund recognizes that a growing number of participants does not speak or read Dutch. We will start to translate specific items in English. Since the pension fund operates under Dutch law, this is for information purposes only and the Dutch text prevails.

Future Pensions Act

On May 30, the Senate approved the Future Pensions Act. As of July 1, 2023, this law took effect and the upcoming major renovation of the pension system in the Netherlands is a fact. The fund supports Capgemini's pension scheme and it is a decision by the social partners (employer and Capgemini Works Council) what the new scheme will look like and which party will implement it. The social partners are responsible for employment conditions. Pension is also a condition of employment. The fund has its own responsibility to accept the scheme, if the fund is asked to implement it, which is why we are closely involved in the social partners' consultations. In forming our opinion, we consider not only the interests of Capgemini's active employees, but specifically also the interests of former employees, both those who already enjoy their pensions and those who do not yet.

We continue to prepare for the considerations to be made in the near future. One of these preparations was the participant survey.  

Participant survey

The Netherlands will have a new pension system and our pension plan may change as a result. An important part of the pension plan is the investment policy. In June 2023, (former) members and pensioners of Pensioenfonds Capgemini participated in a pension survey. The survey helps us decide how much risk to take while investing your retirement money. We want investments to match the preferences of our participants. When the results and their analysis have been discussed by the board we will inform you about them through our website. 
More than 1,000 people took the trouble to complete the questionnaire. We thank everyone who participated in the survey.

Board election results

Besime Karagöz- Çakir has been elected as a board member for the board position of the participants of our fund. 'Participants' have active employment with Capgemini and accrue pension with our fund. Until July 21, 2023, participants were able to vote for 1 of the 8 candidates.

With 170 votes, Besime Karagöz won the election and will begin her first term as a board member, after approval from the oversight body DNB. The board is very pleased with the great interest in the elections which is of great importance for the support of the fund for, by and from participants.

Election results accountability board

We also held elections for the accountability body. We had a vacancy for a VO member elected by the former participants of our fund. A "former participant" is a former Capgemini employee who no longer accrues a pension with our fund, but has left the accrued pension with the fund until now.

There were five candidates and Hanneke Ester was elected with 234 votes. She will be able to take an immediate seat on the VO and, again, the high level of interest pleased the board.

Annual participant meeting on June 20, 2023

As we do every year, we hosted a participant meeting. This year the meeting was via video conference. Discussions included the new pension plan and the annual results.

Would you like to watch the recording of the participant meeting again? If so, please use the link below: 

Watch the recording

We have subtitled the recording in English. With this we try to inform our colleagues who do not speak the Dutch language as well.

Only for participants with accrual for 2016: Explanation of Indexation Decision

Earlier this year, we informed you of the increase in benefits in the Benefit Plan (for participants with pension accrual prior to 2016) effective January 1, 2023. We have a detailed explanation about this decision available on our website. It can be read via the link below.

Read the explanation

News items on the website (in Dutch)

  • In one of the earlier posts on the site, we communicated about the possibility of having a lump sum (of up to 10%) paid out at retirement. Incidentally, this means a reduction of the subsequent lifetime benefit, something the participant must carefully decide for himself! It is now known that this has been postponed until July 2024.  
  • Every year we produce an annual report. So too for 2022. The report can be found on our website
  • This year for the first time we are publishing an "annual report," which summarizes the main points of the annual report in an accessible way. Click here for the annual report 2022.

Short messages appear regularly on our website. You can find them here.

We encourage everyone to check our website regularly for the latest news and more background information. In doing so, you can see, for example: